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Hush Audio Isolation Platforms

"It is only in an atmosphere of quiet that true joy dare live",  Bertrand Russell


Having invested in the very finest high fidelity components you expect them to perform to their optimum potential at all times. However, we live in the modern world and the modern world throws all kinds of obstacles in the way of achieving true joy with our audio playback systems. Vibrations within the home, such as footfall within the room, may seem negligible to most, but to audiophiles they make the difference between achieving audio bliss and a confusion of noise.


RJC Audio are committed to providing products that remove unwanted vibration where it matters most. From equipment supports to turntable plinths and racks, you can depend on us. All our products are hand-made in Cumbria to the highest possible standards, using a combination of high-tech materials and beautifully crafted timber. Hush equipment isolation platforms are now available to purchase online in a variety of sizes, weight loading and finishes.


Hush Isolation Platforms

Hush Isolation Platforms from RJC Audio are meticulously designed and constructed with the sole purpose of isolating your equipment  from the effects of vibration. As a result, extraneous sources of mechanical interference are reduced to an absolute minimum.


An ingeniously-designed suspension system using carefully chosen, high-tech materials effectively isolates your equipment from external fluctuations in the vertical, horizontal and rotational planes, leaving  you free to enjoy your music the way the artist intended. 


Hush Equipment Racks

Designed to provide the securest foundations for your equipment, Hush Equipment Racks are solid, and designed and finished to meticulous standards. The individual support shelves incorporate a built-in damping system, employed to remove vibrations that inevitably emanate from equipment. They are also designed to accommodate the range of Hush Isolation Platforms.


Named after the guardian mountains of Wasdale: Red Pike, Yewbarrow, Pillar, Great Gable and the mighty Scafell, the racks will support the heaviest of equipment with ease.


Hush Turntable Plinths

Hand crafted and finished in the finest saw cut veneers, these limited edition, individually-made plinths provide the ideal home for your direct drive or other non-suspended turntable.


The resin plinths are specially designed to remove unwanted vibration from the motor unit, allowing the turntable to perform at its optimum level and letting your music shine through. Available to order in a range of finishes, RJC custom plinths are the support your prized turntable deserves.